Spring/Summer Off-Ice Training

I want everyone to take a step back from hockey at some point this Summer, but that does not mean they shouldn't be trying to get better in other ways. This is in no way affiliated with BG/H/W. There will be no pressure on my end, but it could be good for guys looking to get bigger, stronger, and faster this spring and summer. 

Phil Bushbacher is the skills coach we have been using this Spring and he is also a trainer at IBJI. He is running Pro, College, Junior, and High School off-ice sessions at the IBJI gym during the spring and summer. They currently have athletes from the Reapers, Crush, New Trier, Falcons, Mission, and St. Viator. They charge $249 a month for unlimited training (20 sessions a month), with a 1:5 coach to player ratio. They have a full-time athletic trainer, as well as shooting lanes for the boys to use in the facility. All of the sessions are provided via the Teambuildr app, so the players can train from anywhere (but IBJI facility use is strongly encouraged). 

Here is the link to register: